Early signs of prostate problems

Narrowing of urine

Narrowing of the flow of urine as well as when the duration of urination is prolonged.

Delayed urination

Stopping the flow of urine as well as the person must wait a long time for urine to come.

Leakage of urine

When urine comes out of the bladder, for example, when walking.

Frequent urination

 The person needs to wash and urinate more than usual. It is usually the first sign of prostate disease.

Rapid urination

Need to urinate quickly so that the person should get to the toilet quickly.

Incomplete emptying of the bladder

 After urinating, the person feels that his bladder is not completely emptied, even if he goes to the bathroom many times.

Nocturnal urination

The person is forced to wake up several times at night and go to the bathroom.