Signs of stomach pain

 1. Taking anti-inflammatory drugs

These medications may cause stomach bleeding and reduce the effect of the medication itself.

2. Chewing gum on an empty stomach

When doing so, it affects the gastric mucosa and can lead to the formation of gastritis

3. Eating coffee:

Coffee stimulates the production of stomach acid. If you drink coffee on an empty stomach, you are more likely to experience heartburn and other gastrointestinal problems.

4. Citrus juice:

The acids and fibers in citrus fruits destroy an empty stomach, causing inflammation of the stomach or predisposition to dangerous diseases.

5. Milk and soy milk

If you drink them on an empty stomach, it destroys the nutritious properties of these useful drinks.

6. Sweets

  When sugar enters an empty stomach, the human body cannot secrete enough insulin to maintain its normal level in the blood.

7. Carbonated drinks

  Drinking fizzy drinks on an empty stomach may cause bloating.

8. Eat sugar on an empty stomach

Your blood sugar level rises suddenly and this can lead to a variety of health problems, including eye diseases.

9. Eat yogurt

It kills the lactic acid bacteria in these dairy products and leads to acidity.

10.sleep :

Low blood glucose levels prevent us from falling asleep and lead to false sleep and waking up early, which eventually leads to sleep disorders.

11.Sport :

Exercising on an empty stomach can lead to a significant loss of muscle mass. You may not achieve the results you want because the body does not have enough energy. The best exercise on an empty stomach is just aerobics.