The backbone enemy that we must take seriously

 1- Fat abdomen:

In this case, because the balance of lumbar curvature is disturbed, the spine is forced to increase the curvature of the thoracic vertebrae, and this leads to a hump in the back of the waist.

2) Bad sleep:

 If you sleep on your back, your neck arch will protrude, causing neck osteoarthritis and pain.

3- Wrong sitting

Sit in a standard chair and observe an angle of ١٢٠ degrees.

4) Baby movement:

Frequent movement of the baby puts pressure on the vertebrae of the spine and causes arches in them.

5) Long stand:

Weakness of the lumbar muscles, having a large abdomen, not following the principles of correct and long-standing cause pressure on the lumbar vertebrae.

6) Lifting a heavy object:

Move the body slowly while sitting so that the least pressure is applied to the spine.