Signs of poisoning


Eat lots of sugar

The desire to eat sugary foods is the first sign of a toxic body that you should see a doctor as soon as possible

Digestive problems

Having intestinal colic, pain in the stomach area may be related to the toxicity of the body

Healthy diet

When you eat healthy foods and fruits but still do not feel well, it is a sign of a sick body that you should see a doctor.

Darkening of the skin

Darkening of the skin due to aging can also be due to exposure to sunlight, but if none of the above causes it can be an early sign of a toxic body.


Inflammation is always one of the warning signs in the body. There is always a cause for inflammation, symptoms such as joint pain, or feeling pain in one part of the body for a long time are signs of inflammation the body.

Disorders in the body's hormones

Disruption of hormones causes various diseases so that it disrupts the order of other organs of the body and this is a sign of a disease in the body.

Sleep Disorders

Irregular sleep and long waking nights can be a sign of various diseases.
Restful and complete sleep is a sign of a healthy body.
The effect of complete sleep on human life such as increasing life expectancy, healthy nutrition and preventing premature aging has been proven.