signs of cancer


1. Unjustifiable weight loss

Loss of more than 10% of body weight in six months

2. Fever without cause

If you feel hot for a long time, it is a sign of infection in the body, which can be one of the first signs of cancer in the body.

3. Changes in stool

The presence of blood in the stool

Change in the number of bowel movements

4. Glands that grow

Existence of glands under the skin that can grow

5. Prolonging the healing time of body wounds

A wound that does not heal within three months

6. Changes in skin condition

Any change in size, shape, color in moles

7. Cough

Prolonged cough with or without bloody sputum with weight loss

8- False satiety

Premature satiety and loss of appetite along with weight loss

9- Change in sound

 Roughness and hoarseness for no reason are the first signs of laryngeal cancer in the body.