high blood sugar that affect your life

 1- Feeling tired during the day

Contrary to popular belief, high blood sugar makes you feel tired during the day.

2- Problems with vision

 Blurred vision occurs because high levels of glucose in the body can irritate the lens of the eye and make it difficult to focus on one spot.

3- You have frequent urination

The more sugar that accumulates in the blood, the more the kidneys work to clear the blood of excess sugar.

4- You constantly feel thirsty

Frequent urination can also increase thirst. When you urinate a lot, fluids in the body tissues are excreted along with glucose

5- Your wounds do not heal

High blood sugar can slow down blood circulation, which impairs the body's ability to heal itself.

6- You have chronic headaches

High blood sugar can affect the hormones that play a role in brain function, which is why a person may often have headaches.