Dangers of a weak immune system

 1. Low fever

 Fever can be a sign of many diseases, including autoimmune diseases.

2. Weight gain or loss

If the thyroid gland produces excess hormone or does not produce enough hormone, the person will lose or gain weight.

3. Digestive problems

If you have frequent diarrhea, bloating or constipation, this could be a sign of a weakened immune system.

4. Recurrent infections

If you are battling recurrent infections, your immune system may send you red flags.

5. a cold

But if you have a constant cold or a cold that does not improve, it is a clear sign that your immune system is trying to keep working.

6. feeling exhausted

If you get enough sleep and are still tired, it is a sign of a weakened immune system.

7. Muscle weakness

Muscle weakness and pain make daily activities such as climbing stairs and carrying heavy objects more difficult.

8. hair loss

If the onion's immune system attacks the hair follicles, the person will suffer from hair loss. This process begins with inflammation of the scalp and can affect the hair on the rest of the body.