eating much bananas

 1. Weight gain

The average banana contains 105 calories. It is much taller than a medium-sized orange (62), a bowl of watermelon (45), or a cup of grapes (62).

2. Bananas can cause migraines

The substance found in many foods, such as cheese, fish, meat, and bananas, triggers migraine headaches.

3. Respiratory problems

It may constrict the airways and cause respiratory problems. May cause severe breathing or swallowing problems.

4. stomach ache

Stomach pain and nausea and other abdominal pain are side effects of eating too many bananas.

5. Decay of tooth enamel

If you use it too much, it can be very harmful to your body. One of them is the loss of enamel.

6. Constipation

Green bananas are rich in resistant starch, which can increase the risk of constipation.

7. Risk of type 2 diabetes

Eating too many bananas increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes