constipation problem

1. Drink honey, tea and lemon

Honey acts as a laxative and also makes you not feel sour tea because of lemon.

2. Drink plenty of water.

Natural juices and juices are great for constipation, generally men should drink 3.8 liters a day and women at least 2.8 liters a day.

3. Eat fiber-rich vegetables and foods

Include vegetables in your daily diet and also try to eat nuts such as squash, dill and sunflower because they are a rich source of fiber.

4. Eat fresh or dried plums.

You can eat plums wet or dried, but you can put dried plums in water and then eat plum juice.

5. Use bulking agents.
Plants such as flaxseed and fenugreek have a laxative effect and soften stools.

6. Include yogurt in your meals

Yogurt is a harmless food to relieve constipation, so yogurt loves the intestines.function and are also good for heart health.