Useful foods to increase brain health


1. Eat coffee regularly but in small amounts

Eating regularly, but coffee, increases mental strength and strengthens brain function, which is anti-Alzheimer's but should be consumed in small amounts.

2. Great edible blueberries for the brain:

Blueberries are an anti-aging antioxidant that, in addition to detoxifying the body, prevents the aging of brain cells.

3. Turmeric is a useful condiment

Strong stress reliever and anti-inflammatory that increases the power of brain resorption and also reduces depression.

4. Orange fruit full of water:

Free radicals, which cause brain cells to age, are destroyed by oranges and fruits that contain vitamin C.

5. Eat eggs and vitamin B.

Eggs contain vitamin B, which stimulates the growth of brain cells, increases their function and is rich, and makes you feel good.

6. Nuts:
Nuts are a healthy fat that is rich in vitamins and nutrients that increase brain function and are also good for heart health.