Take the signs of high blood pressure seriously


As the blood thickens in the body, gastric ulcers may develop, which is one of the first signs of an increase in blood concentration.

kidney stone

Accumulation of dietary mineral crystals that increase blood concentration in blood vessels.

Bone pain

Those who have high blood pressure cause bone tissue resorption and pain in it


If the blood concentration increases, kidney function decreases. Increased uric acid in the blood and body fluids causes gout.

Enlarged liver and spleen

The toxins in the body are washed away by the bloodstream and increase the concentration of blood, resulting in an enlarged liver.

Weakness, lethargy, and fatigue

 It is due to the increased secretion of catecholamines into the bloodstream and consequently the increase in blood concentration.

High blood pressure

In conditions of increased blood concentration due to decreased elasticity causes high blood pressure.