side effects of eating much bananas

Banana is a delicious and lovely fruit and is one of the special fruits that can all be eaten raw and cooked. We must be a little careful in eating this fruit. Bananas are also a fruit that acts as food for the body, on the other hand we all know bananas as a snack. Eating too much of this fruit may be harmful to health. One of the disadvantages of bananas is that they are high in carbohydrates, which can cause high blood sugar in people with diabetes. A medium fresh banana (118 grams) contains the following nutrients: Calories: 105 / Carbohydrates: 27 grams / Fiber: 3 grams / Fat: 0.3 grams / Protein: 1 gram In the continuation of the article, I want to tell you that you should be careful in eating bananas Let me tell you how much harmful eating bananas can be for the body.
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